1. Do Not Place Multiple Orders With Same Link At Same Time , Wait For One Order To Complete Then Put New Order.

2.Read Service Description Before Ordering.

3. For YouTube Services Put Quantities In Multiple Of 100 ( For Eg. 100, 200, 300, 1000 etc.)

4. Guarantee Is Only Provided For Refill Enabled Services . Do Not Ask For Drop Refills In Other Services.

5. No Refunds Will Be Given To Your Original Payment Method. If Order is Cancelled Amount Will Be Automatically Added To Your Account Funds.

6. For Partial Orders Remaining Amount Will Be Refunded To Your Account Balance. Do Not Ask For Completion Of Partial Orders As They Are Automatically Refunded.

7. Do Not Change Username when order is in progress / available for refill. Order will be marked completed and no refunds will be given for it.

8. Please put correct link/ username . You will be responsible for it and no refunds will be given.